ASIS Columbus Chapter #27

The Columbus Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), International, was originally chartered as a chapter on October 22, 1958. The chapter was then composed of members from the three major Ohio cities, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. During the first year the chapter was in existence, the meetings were held in Dayton.

The Cincinnati contingent had grown to 25 members by 1959, enough to start their own chapter. On September 9, 1959, the Cincinnati group was formally chartered as the Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter of ASIS.

From 1959 to 1969, the remaining group was known as the Columbus-Dayton Chapter. During this period the regular chapter meetings were held at the Red Brick Tavern, halfway between Columbus and Dayton.

In 1969 there was a sufficient number of members in both Columbus and Dayton for each to form chapters. Negotiations resulted in Dayton being awarded its own charter on July 22, 1969. The Columbus Chapter retained the original charter, and as a result celebrates its beginning as October 22, 1958.

From 1969 to the present, the Columbus Chapter has been fortunate to have had a series of good leaders to guide the chapter. Old chapter records indicate that membership has grown from 45 in 1969 to over 280 members today. Our membership growth has paralleled that of ASIS during the same period.

The Columbus Chapter has developed a reputation for being one of the most active chapters in the region. Columbus Chapter activities are valued locally as an important benefit of ASIS membership.

Today's Columbus Chapter member is involved in a wide range of activities, both professional and social. This chapter continues to grow and achieve even greater levels of excellence. The chapter possesses a solid core of members who accept challenges and possess a spirit of volunteerism that gives the chapter its drive. We are a proud chapter with an extensive history of service to our members and to the community of Central Ohio.

For information about membership in the Columbus Chapter, contact our local Chapter Membership Chairman, or ASIS National Membership.

Chapter Board

Chairman Steve Friday, CPP

Vice Chairman Taylor Wiggins, CPP, PSP, PCI

Secretary Ronald Balser

Treasurer Debbie Woods, CPP

Program Chairperson Chad Parris, PSP

Newsletter Editor Chris Wilson

Council Liason Lynda L. Buel CPP, CSC

Awards Scott Wolford

Mentorship Mike York, CPP

Membership Ron Front

Chapter LinkedIn Chris Wilson

CPP Representative Taylor Wiggins, CPP, PSP, PCI

Chapter Sponsorship Program Chad Parris, PSP

ASIS Foundation & Chapter Scholarship Tom Ingstrum , CPP

Hospitality Bernie Pack

Placement Mike York, CPP

Crime Prevention Dean Boerger

Law Enforcement Liaison Dwight Holcomb, CPP

Legislative Liaison Casey Reiff

Chaplain Tim Beverly

Golf Outing Chad Parris, PSP  Steve Friday, CPP

Officer Appreciation Lunch Tim Beverly

Young Professionals Ryan Mason

Women In Security Shawn Guangenti